Portuguese wines

A Short History of Portugal in 11 Glasses of Wine with Paul Wagner

Summary:  Most wine presentations focus on viticulture and enology, but Paul has always maintained that wine is a product of local and regional culture far more than it is of geology and climate.Most people have only a vague idea of Portugal and its culture, and yet it has one of he most fascinating roles in the world of wine.  In this presentation, Paul Wagner traces the roots of the Portuguese wines and ties them to the history of both Portugal and the rest of the

Of Dusty Plains, Mountains and the Atlantic: the wines of Alentejo, Portugal with Simon J. Woolf

Summary: The Alentejo is a massive, sprawling wine region to the south of Portugal. It often has a reputation for mass produced wines produced from international grape varieties, and you’ll find cheap Alentejo wines sold in every corner of Portugal, and even on the islands of Madeira and the Azores. But Alentejo holds a great deal more interest than just budget priced Syrah or

Portuguese Wine Secrets – Still and Sparkling Treasures from North to South with Simon J. Woolf

Summary:  Why is it that Portugal tends to get pigeonholed as just Port wine, or cheap Vinho Verde? This small but important European wine nation offers a huge diversity of wine styles across the whole length of the country. The vineyards span an incredible variety of differing climates and terroirs, and teem with fascinating indigenous grape varieties. What’s old is new in Portugal –

Wines of the Dão – a land of ancient vineyards, mountains and classical reds by Simon Woolf

Summary: Portugal’s more northerly Douro region tends to hog the limelight, but the wilder and more barren Dão has many vinuous secrets to offer wine lovers. Once lumped together with Bairrada (the Portuguese still refer to both together as “Beira”), the Dão has its own unique signature. Home to Portugal’s highest mountain, the Serra da Estrela, it’s a mountainous and depopulated region

WSG Live: Andrew Jefford hosts Dirk Niepoort

Summary:  Andrew Jefford welcomes Dirk Niepoort to WSG Live, our ongoing series of discussion webinars with some of the most significant and innovative thinkers and actors in today's wine world. Guest: Dirk Niepoort Dirk Niepoort is a unique figure both within his native Portugal and in European