Saint Emilion

PODCAST: Jane Anson & Andrew Jefford on Bordeaux

Mastering Bordeaux, a primer with Jane Anson and Andrew Jefford of Decanter Magazine.

Saint Emilion with Fiona Morrison MW

Summary:  Saint Emilion is one of the most famous names in the wine world. It is also one of the only regions in the world where an appellation also contains a classification. If this sounds confusing, the legal wrangles over the Saint Emilion classification which is updated every decade have thrown up many interesting discussions about the quality of the different terroirs and crus in the region. Some of the most famous châteaux have decided not to be classified, others have been

Saint Emilion: an Appellation In Search of its Soul? with Colin Gent, MW

Summary: To some observers, Saint Emilion is the epicentre of the qualitative and stylistic revolution in Bordeaux, bursting with courageous and dedicated artisanal wine estates pushing the boundaries, regardless of tradition and hierarchy. To others, Saint Emilion has become a byword for the worst excesses of hubris and greed in a region already well known for them.  In this webinar,