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A Tour of Central Italian Cuisine, By Region

Recently, Barbara Philip MW hosted a virtual food and wine tour webinar for the Wine Scholar Guild. The cuisine of central Italy is as fascinating as it is delicious. This is where tomatoes and olive oil begin to replace the butter and cream of the north. Heavy, stuffed pastas give way to long pastas and are joined by more vegetables. The food of central Italy reflects the agricultural treasures provided by the warmer climate. Local grape varieties also enjoy their time in the sun, ripening to juicy perfection, creating wines that really reflect their surroundings.

Alsace & Food with Arnaud Valour

Summary:  Do you feel you are rather French or German? Here's the question you should never ask when going there. Alsace is Alsace and has a personality of its own so do its wines and food.Close to neighboring Germany, Alsace is a melting pot of influences. For the wines it is where geology, climatology, grape varieties and savoir-faire blend to offer a full array of scents

An introduction to Sake – Flavours, Production and Food Pairing with Sarasa Suzuki

Summary:  Sake or Nihonshu is a Japanese traditional fermented alcoholic beverage made of Japonica rice, rice Koji and water. It is said Sake has more than 3000 years of history with a great depth of craftsmanship associated with microorganisms such as yeasts, lactic acid bacteria and Koji mold. In this webinar, we will discover the diversity of Flavours related with its production method, as well as fun food pairing tips! Presenter: Sarasa Suzuki Co-founder and

An Introduction to the Cheeses of France with Dan Belmont

Summary:  Valencay, Epoisses, Camembert and Brie—it is no wonder that France holds the reputation as the king of cheeses! Join us as we offer homage to fromage, both the rustic and refined French cheesemaking tradition that has inspired artisan cheese across the globe. From the citric tang of Loire Valley goat cheeses to buttery, silken bloomy rinds to piquant, decadent sheep milk blues,

Autumn Cooking Lesson and Pairings with Arnaud Valour

Summary:  In this new series, we will approach wine & food pairing from another angle to give you even more delicious ideas. Let us take you for a gastronomical trip thru the seasons and around France from the comfort of your home. You will get to know French gastronomy with "virtual hands-on" cooking lessons and recipes to try at home and of course a Tour de France of wines

Beaujolais & Food with Arnaud Valour

Summary:  Once thriving and celebrated around the world the Beaujolais wines are sometimes today looked down upon. Laying in between Burgundy and Côtes du Rhone this region still produces some amazing white, rosé and red wines and benefits from the culinary influences of the French Capital of Gastronomy: Lyon. Starting with Beaujolais Nouveau and travelling thru the different crus you

Beyond Food & Wine Pairing 101: Take Your Tastebuds to the Next Level with Thierry Meyer

Summary: Traditional food and wine pairing recommendations focus on basic wine dimensions such as aromas, acidity, tannins or sweetness. This is sufficient to create a list of standard grape variety wines to match all kinds of dishes, including pasta and pizza. Yet, heavenly food and wine pairing -- the one plus one = three -- goes well beyond this simple approach. To achieve the perfect match and creating memorable associations also requires the consideration of a

Chablis & Food with Arnaud Valour

Presenter: Arnaud Valour, Gourmet Gourmand or Gourmand Gourmet Arnaud Valour describes himself as a gourmet gourmand or a gourmand gourmet. He is a lover of food, wine and travel. He has studied marketing and communications in both France and the U.K. and  worked for several years promoting small and medium sized enterprises in the Rhone-Alps region. Most recently, Arnaud was in charge

Champagne & Food with Arnaud Valour

Summary: Do we really need to write something clever for you to feel like joining us for a "Champagne & Food" webinar? Without a doubt the most famous and celebrated "adult" beverage around the world, Champagne isn't just a wine, it embodies French luxury, those occasions you will want to remember and a certain approach to life.Of course, there isn't just one

Classic Cuisines of Central Italy with Barbara Philip MW

Summary:  Join Barbara Philip MW in another wine lover’s tour of Italian cuisine.  This time the virtual voyage will take us through Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzo as we discover the classic regional ingredients and dishes. We will also have a chance to look at the famous wines that go with the food and why. Presenter: Barbara Philips MW

Classic cuisines of Northern Italy with Barbara Philip MW

Summary:  Join Barbara Philip MW on a wine lover’s tour of Northern Italian cuisine.  Discover why food and wine that grew up together make such timeless matches and why the table is the center of Italian culture, regardless of the region. The focus will be on ingredients, rather than technique, and how the food is enjoyed both in restaurants and at home.

Classic Cuisines of Southern Italy with Barbara Philip MW

Summary:  Join Barbara Philip MW on another tour of Italian cuisine. This time the webinar will visit the exciting regions of southern Italy as well as the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. We’ll discover local dishes and the diversity of regional wines that accompany them. Presenter: Barbara Philip MW

Dining in the Barolo and Barbaresco Zones

Wine professionals and consumers share a similar aspiration when they visit a wine region; they want to enjoy the area’s best dining experiences so they can pair their favorite local wines with the territory’s typical food offerings. While commonplace throughout Italy, this situation is nowhere more prominent than in Piedmont, especially in the region’s southern Langhe district. Lunch or dinner in the Barolo and Barbaresco production zones here is more than a simple pleasure; this is wine, and food pairing elevated to an art form.

Gewürztraminer: An exploration of a unique grape variety with Eric Zwiebel, MS

Summary:  Gewurztraminer is a well-known grape variety that has a high potential for aromatic intensity, diversities of style, different expressions of terroir and a good potential for aging.  Often described as being too powerful, too rich or too sweet, consumers and sommeliers need to challenge themselves, get out of their comfort zone and embrace the uniqueness of Gewurztraminer. Eric will take us on an exploration of

How to Pair Spanish Tapas and Wine

There is a man in Logroño’s Calle Laurel who makes garlic mushrooms. It’s the one and only thing on the menu, not that there is a menu. Griddled mushrooms, served on toast, drowning in garlic butter with a small slice of prawn on top. They are miraculous. I think about him and this bar often, as I lurch between life crises, as I think he may possibly have discovered the ultimate secret to a life of happiness and contentment. For me, this dish in this place is

Marrying Wine and Asian Cuisine

Summary: Just how do you pair wine to foods without a traditional Western template? Explore matching Asian cuisine and wine with Evan Goldstein MS in this evocative session looking at how to approach the road less traveled.  We recommend that you bring along the following optional wines and foods with you to the webinar to taste along live with Evan.

Red Burgundy & Food with Arnaud Valour

Summary:  Delicious, elegant, subtle and tasty... here are a few adjectives you'll remember after this session because our objective is to make all your senses virtually experience the amazing Burgundian lifestyle for a short but appetizing 60 minutes. How could we introduce Red Bourgogne food pairings without talking about the 100 wine appellations in Burgundy? Well, it's not easy so

Sake and Food: Molecular Harmonies with Francois Chartier

Summary:  Sake has become the wine lovers' and sommeliers' new experience with the rise of new sake styles and as a new pairing with food.  François Chartier, master blender of the sake project Tanaka 1789 X Chartier, will share his knowledge on the different sake profiles and will link them to his groundbreaking Molecular Harmonies science of aromatic matching with world cuisines. This webinar is ideal for sommeliers and chefs, as for waitstaff, distributor sales

Science Of Wine Tasting Final Panel Discussion

Summary:  Join Andrew Jefford and guests Gabriel Lepousez, François Chartier, Nick Jackson MW and Dr Jamie Goode as they exchange about the recent Wine Scholar Guild’s Science of Wine

The Fundamentals for Pairing Wine with Food… and Food with Wine with Evan Goldstein MS

Summary:  The Fundamentals for Pairing Wine with Food… and Food with Wine (AKA what goes with what and why). Is it wine first? Food First? Or does it not matter? The answers are ‘sometimes’, ‘sometimes’ and ‘yes. it does’. Join us on this informative epicurean journey and immerse yourself in the guidelines! Grab a glass of wine of your choice so that when Evan speaks of mapping wines,

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