Master of Wine

An MW’s Guide to Tasting with Matthew Stubbs MW

Summary: Following on from the Taste like a Master of Wine session in May this will be another chance to test your tasting skills using an MW style approach. A quick recap on how to taste in an MW way will be followed by a tasting of two wines which will be used to answer an exam-style practical question. No preparation is needed, the session is open to all.  Just turn up with an open

Bourgogne Goes Green

One of the most significant trends happening in Bourgogne today, is a movement towards sustainable, organic and biodynamic viticulture. Due to the warming of temperatures, increase in sunlight and shift in rainy season, there has been less vineyard mildew pressure, drier soil and earlier harvests. This change in climate, combined with the desire for a more ecologically sustainable growing model by Bourgogne producers, has led to the recent trend towards Green Farming.

It's the Nitrogen, of course! The Backstory of Biodynamics with Romana Echensperger, MW

Summary: An understanding of what biodynamics is and why it has so many young followers today begins with a look at history and the question of why Rudolf Steiner's impulse came about in Germany, in 1924, during the interwar years. The questions that farmers asked themselves then are as relevant today as they were then and have a lot to do with the fertiliser issue. In this webinar, we will take a look at this history and what is modern about the 100 year old

Meeting of the Minds - Trends in Champagne

Summary:  Champagne specialist Essi Avellan MW hosts a live discussion on the latest trends in Champagne and the outlook for the region's future. Her prestigious panel will be covering a broad range of trends from vineyards to wineries as well as business. She will be joined by cellar master Cyril Brun of the prestigious house Charles Heidsieck, Vallée de la Marne Meunier specialist

PODCAST: Jane Hunt, MW & Andrew Jefford on Tuscany

Master of Wine Jane Hunt is interviewed by Decanter Magazine’s Andrew Jefford about Tuscany and its wines. Jane has a long, distinguished career in various aspects of the wine trade. She leads the Wine Scholar Guild immersion tours through some of the legendary Tuscan wine estates. 

Ready to become a Master of Wine? A dive into the MW journey with Olivier Chapman

Summary:  The Wine Scholar Guild welcomes the Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW) for a webinar presenting an introduction to the IMW and the Masters of Wine (MW) study programme to WSG members as well as past and current WSG students.Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the most prestigious title in the world of

Taste Wine Like An MW with Matthew Stubbs MW

Summary:  A session aimed at those who are curious about what tasting like a Master of Wine actually involves. How does it differ from other established methods and can anybody do it? We will look at how to build on your existing wine-tasting knowledge and try two wines during the session to illustrate the approach. Don’t feel you need to be an MW student to register for this webinar, it is aimed at all levels! Matthew will be tasting two wines during the seminar

Taste Wine Like An MW: Part 3 with Matthew Stubbs MW

Summary: The third in our series of tastings like a Master of Wine. This session follows on from the previous two episodes of WSG Live : Taste Wine like an MW I, Taste Wine Like an MW II.  No problem if you missed those, there will be a short recap on how

The Challenges of Wine Growing in China: Extreme Viticulture with Fongyee Walker, Master of Wine

Summary:  From the climate to legislation, from equipment to personnel, growing and making wine in China has unique challenges to overcome.  This webinar will delve into the  trials and rewards of producing great wine in China, looking at 5 of the major growing regions, while outlining the history of viticulture in China and throwing light on the position that grape wine holds in Chinese culture both now and in the past. Presenter: Fongyee Walker MW Fongyee

The Experience of Music and Wine - Classical Music and a Brut Non-Vintage Champagne with Susan R Lin, Master of Wine

Summary:  A growing body of scientific evidence shows that what people taste when evaluating a wine, and how much they enjoy the experience, can be influenced by the music that happens to be playing at the same time. Limited research has been published about the effects of music on sparkling wine. Learn about the latest experiment conducted in this field, focusing on classical music and the perception of a Brut non-vintage

Welcoming Justin Martindale MW

The love of wine and music often mesh.  Both arouse our senses and emotions; both appeal aesthetically; both console and nourish.  And they’ve done this since our earliest days.  The world’s oldest alcoholic residues, dating back 9,000 years, were found alongside flutes made from the wing bones of the red-crowned crane (in Jiahu, China).  Wine, music, firelight: bringing happiness, then as now.