A Closer Look at Ingredients in Wine

Wine is fermented grape juice…in theory. However, in practice, modern wine may be made by using a wide array of compounds aimed at facilitating the winemaking process, enhancing the product’s organoleptic qualities, or simply fixing problems before or after they arise.

Appassimento with Alan Tardi

Summary:  The technique of allowing grapes to dry out and shrivel up after harvest and before vinification is an ancient one that dates back to the early stages of serious wine-making in places like Mesopotamia, Greece and Italy via the Ancient Romans. And nowhere else in the world is this practice as alive and well today as it is in Italy. In this session we’ll investigate the early

Beyond the Basics: Acidity in Wine with Olivier Humbrecht, MW

Summary: Join vigneron Olivier Humbrecht MW, of the famed estate Zind Humbrecht in Alsace, for a deep dive into one of the key building blocks of wine: acidity! In this WSG Live, you will learn about: The different types of acids found in grapes and wine and their sensory perception How to not only quantify but qualify acidity in wine The viticultural factors influencing
Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics: Alcohol with Benoît Marsan PhD

Summary Join Benoît Marsan PhD, Professor of Science and Wine at the Université du Québec à Montréal as he explores one of wines most crucial components - alcohol. Often over-simplified and regularly misunderstood, the affect of alcohol on our experience of tasting a wine as well as the stability of a wine should not be ignored. We're delighted to be able to offer such an insightful event from one of the world's leading experts on the subject, exclusively to

Beyond the Basics: Reduction and Oxidation

Summary:  Oxidative, oxidized, reductive, reduced...what do they all mean? Join winemaker Nova Cadamatre MW, as she dives into the Oxidation/Reduction spectrum, what it is, what it means, and how it impacts wine flavors throughout a wine's life.   Presenter: Nova Cadamatre MW  A winemaker with a broad and diverse background, Cadamatre started in wine on the East Coast as a winemaking apprentice with Stargazers Vineyard in 2003. After graduating from Cornell
Sweet Winemaking

Beyond The Basics: Sweet Winemaking

Summary: Join us for the latest in our ever-popular 'Beyond the Basics' series. From Ice Wine to Botrytis, Passerillage Pantelleria, there is a plethora of different styles and methods involved in producing these heavenly nectars. We are delighted to welcome back Nova Cadamatre MW to lead this session for a deep-dive into the processes and potential pitfalls involved in making great dessert wines.  About the Speaker: A winemaker with a broad and diverse

Beyond the Basics: Wine Tannins with Vincenzo Gerbi and Maria Alessandra Paissoni

Summary:  Polyphenols, in particular anthocyanins and tannins, are the main contributors to wine color and mouthfeel, and are strongly related to the wine quality evaluation. In this WSG Live, an introduction to tannin's origin in grapes, evolution during ripening and extraction in the winemaking process will be explained. Moreover, the implication of the technological approach to vinification will be discussed, such as maceration style or the use of oak containers.

Beyond the Basics: Yeast and Fermentation with Olivier Humbrecht MW

Summary: Join winemaker Olivier Humbrecht MW, of famed estate Zind Humbrechtin Alsace, for a deep dive into these key components of winemaking: yeast and fermentation!  Presenter: Olivier Humbrecht, MW Olivier Humbrecht studied wine together with wine marketing and wine business for five years in Toulouse, and then got the chance to do his ‘military service’ working for

Brettanomyces with Christy Canterbury MW

Summary: Brettanomyces lays silent, lurking until it finds a substrate. It is hardy and can live with or without oxygen. In wine, it thrives mostly in reds but occasionally in whites. But, it’s not the yeast itself that smells, even though we speak as though it does. It’s actually the yeast’s by-products that get our noses sniffing. How much by-product Brett produces depends on its

Cultured vs Indigenous Yeasts with Christy Canterbury MW

Summary:  Every wine lover knows that basic, yet critical, equation: Yeast + Sugar = Alcohol (Ethanol) + CO2. Without the Saccharomyces cerevisiaefungi, we’d only have fruit juice. Within this species, hundreds of strains exist. Some evolve naturally; laboratories select and breed others. Different yeasts produce many different results, from how quickly a vessel ferments to the final wine’s flavor expression. Take

Demystifying Winemaking : Part 1 - White and Roses with Nova Cadamatre MW

Summary:  Have you read all about winemaking from books but some concepts are style confusing?  Have you ever wanted to dive deeper into a particular winemaking topic but didn't know anyone to ask? Join winemaker and Master of Wine, Nova Cadamatre for the first of a three-part series which will pull back the curtain on different styles of winemaking. The first part will cover White and Rose styles of wine. Red, Dessert, Sparkling, and Fortified winemaking will be covered

Demystifying Winemaking : Part 3: Everything Else You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask! with Nova Cadamatre

Summary:  We have finally reached part 3 of our winemaking series with Nova Cadamatre MW.  In this final webinar, Nova will go over the general production methods of Sparkling and Fortified wines including traditional method sparkling, tank sparkling, and different fortification timings and age factors that influence the final style of wine.  It is ideal that either part 1, part 2 or ideally both have been watched before watching this webinar because this will build on the

Demystifying Winemaking: Part 2 - Reds with Nova Cadamatre, MW

Summary:  Have you read all about winemaking from books, but still struggle with confusing concepts? Have you ever wanted to dive deeper into a particular winemaking topic but didn't know anyone to ask? Winemaker and Master of Wine Nova Cadamatre is back for the second of a three-part series that will pull back the curtain on different winemaking styles. This second webinar covers Red winemaking. The third part will cover Dessert, Sparkling, and Fortified

French Oak: Forests, Coopers and Techniques with Roger Bohmrich MW

Summary: French oak is utilized for premium quality white and red wines universally around the globe. This seminar categorizes the species of oak used for barrels and the French forests where oak trees are grown, principally Nevers, Allier, Tronçais, Vosges and Limousin. Leading tonnelleries or cooperage houses are reviewed along with production techniques such as splitting, seasoning and toasting. The importance of wood origin is compared to the cooper’s signature. Common barrel

Genetically Modified Vines and Yeasts with Christy Canterbury MW

Summary:  Genetically modified organisms are creating a frenzy amongst their potential users and consumers. Europe has outlawed their use, but the USA, Canada and South Africa are open to them. Whether you camp with the “pros” or “cons”, join this webinar to learn how GM vines and yeasts are formed and tested and to listen to the arguments of both sides. You just might change camps…in either direction!

Have Your Say: Natural Wine with Andrew Jefford and Simon J. Woolf

Summary: Did you enjoy reading the Great Debate on Natural Wines by Simon Woolf and Andrew Jefford?  We are following up their written debate with a WSG Live, and encourage participants to share their opinion or ask their questions directly to Simon

Interview with Frederic Panaiotis of Ruinart

Summary: Delve into Champagne with the insight of Champagne experts and masterful instructors..sign up for the Champagne Master-Level program and Champagne Study Wine

Jeffrey Davies on Bordeaux (Part 1) - Technology vs Technique

Summary:  The Bordelais have viticultural and vinicultural “best practices” down to an art. It’s not technology per se…it’s technique. This translates into very high quality across multiple price points. Learn why Bordeaux, (yes Bordeaux!) can give you incredible value for the dollar! Learn why Bordeaux is both art and state-of-the-art. Presenter:

Meeting of the Minds: Evolution in Wine-Making Aesthetics and Wine-Making Trends

Summary:  Every drop of wine we ever drink is the product of observation, intervention and craftsmanship.  Without intervention, every wine would be oxidising and turning to vinegar; without craftsmanship, every wine would be rough and unpalatable.  Advances in craftsmanship have brought us the extraordinary beauty and diversity we are all familiar with and that we celebrate in today’s wine world. What have been the key winemaking advances of the last two decades, and what

Natural wine - exploding the myths with Simon J Woolf

Summary:  It's become one of the hippest and most contentious niches in wine, often poorly understood and derided by the more traditional sectors of the wine trade. But what exactly is natural wine? Is it just fault-ridden hipster juice, cloudy and smelling of cider as some claim?We’ll explore where this movement came from and why winemakers in some parts of the world felt that they had to turn their backs on the

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