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Jura Ins & Outs with Wink Lorch

Summary: The tiny wine region of Jura in eastern France has leapt to fame in the last five years with its wines finally appearing on export markets around the world. Famous in its home country for its unique Vin Jaune, the region produces an extraordinary diversity of wine styles from pale reds, through minerally dry whites to oxidative whites, sparkling, sweet and fortified, all from

Jura Who's Who with Wink Lorch

Summary:  Tissot, Overnoy, Puffeney, Macle… These are the producer names that have been on Jura aficionados’ lips since the little eastern French region started emerging onto export markets. But, they are far from the only winemakers who matter there, and even with these, there’s more to their story than their name on the label suggests. Join us for a delve into history looking at the people who made Jura

Jura's food and drink specialities

As everywhere, it is the nature of the geography that most influences the food and drink traditions of the Jura and Franche-Comté. The diverse landscape of mountains, dense forests, high meadows, vineyards, lakes and the river plain have all shaped what the local population ate and drank. Franche-Comté’s gastronomy has much in common with that of Switzerland’s western cantons, but there are subtle differences.  Most of the rural population in the mountains and on the plain lived from their dairy cows and pigs, so the principal specialities are the wonderfully rich cows’ milk cheeses from unpasteurized milk and tasty pork sausages and charcuterie. The sausages and meats are smoked by hanging in a tuyé, a very large pyramidal chimney over the fire, burning wood from conifers.

The Wines of the French Alps with Wink Lorch

Summary:  From vineyards on the best-exposed limestone slopes of the Prealps, Savoie wines are made from a plethora of grape varieties, which are proving to be ideal in the face of climate change. Wink Lorch published her second book, Wines of the French Alps: Savoie, Bugey and beyond in 2019, and it has already received rave reviews from Eric Asimov, David Schildknecht and the team at