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WSG Confidential with Andrew Jefford and Pascaline Lepeltier

Summary: Join WSG Academic Advisor Andrew Jefford as he talks to sommelier, writer and wine thinker Pascaline Lepeltier. Many Wine Scholar Guild students already know Pascaline from her Loire Valley Study Tours and her regular participation in our webinars. Her enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, her home region of the Loire is second to none, yet she is one of wine’s polymaths, too, with an intimate grasp of the new wine world: one founded

WSG CONFIDENTIAL: Andrew Jefford Hosts Elaine Chukan Brown

Summary:  Join WSG Academic Advisor Andrew Jefford as he welcomes Elaine Chukan Brown, Executive Editor US for 

WSG CONFIDENTIAL: Andrew Jefford Hosts Laura Catena

Summary: Join WSG Academic Advisor Andrew Jefford as he talks to Laura Catena, Managing Director of Catena Zapata, one of contemporary Argentina’s most celebrated and innovative wine-creating companies. 

WSG CONFIDENTIAL: Andrew Jefford Hosts Raimonds Tomsons, World's Best Sommelier 2023

Join WSG Academic Advisor Andrew Jefford as he talks to Raimonds Tomsons, the Best Sommelier of the World, 2023. This year was Tomson's fourth attempt: he first competed as Latvian candidate in 2010 and then again in 2016 (when he came seventh).  Third place in 2019 proved to be the perfect springboard for the first post-Covid competition, which took place in Februrary

WSG Live: Andrew Jefford Hosts Alessandro Masnaghetti

Summary: As Hugh Johnson first grasped in the late 1960s, there is no greater tool to wine understanding than fine cartography: the chance to read a landscape from a single sheet of paper. More and more wine regions around the world, moreover, are now refining the manner in which both growers and producers are able to express terroir via geological and topographical surveys, and high-quality mapping is an essential adjunct

WSG Live: Andrew Jefford Hosts Christian Moueix

Summary: Following our debut WSG Live with Jancis Robinson MW in late July 2020, WSG is thrilled to present an in-depth discussion with famed Pomerol and Napa producer Christian Moueix. WSG Live is a series of podcasts in

WSG Live: Andrew Jefford hosts Dirk Niepoort

Summary:  Andrew Jefford welcomes Dirk Niepoort to WSG Live, our ongoing series of discussion webinars with some of the most significant and innovative thinkers and actors in today's wine world. Guest: Dirk Niepoort Dirk Niepoort is a unique figure both within his native Portugal and in European

WSG Live: Andrew Jefford hosts Dr Pedro Parra

Summary: Our fifth edition of WSG Live features the Chilean terroir consultant Dr. Pedro Parra.  Join Andrew Jefford for a passionate discussion about Pedro's work and his ideas surrounding terroir! Since earning his doctorate in 2004 in Terroirs Viticoles from the Ecole d'Agriculture de Grignon (now part of AgroParisTech), Pedro has travelled the world consulting for many of today's

WSG Live: Andrew Jefford hosts Gaia Gaja

Summary:  The guest for our fourth edition of WSG Live will be Gaia Gaja, one of the three children of legendary Piedmont producer Angelo Gaja, and already a familiar face to fans of Gaja wines worldwide.  Born in 1979, Gaia says she has worked in the winery 'since she was a child': her parents always included all the children in decisions made about the future of the winery.  From 2004,

WSG Live: Andrew Jefford Hosts Ian D'Agata

Summary: Our sixth edition of WSG Live features the wine scholar and author Ian D'Agata! Guest: Ian D'Agata Ian D'Agata is a wine scholar like no other.  He initially studied medicine (at four universities including Rome, Harvard and Montreal in his native Canada) and worked in

WSG Live: Andrew Jefford Hosts Jancis Robinson MW

Summary:  There is, arguably, no wine mind more extraordinary, more capacious or better informed than that of Jancis Robinson MW. After university studies in mathematics and philosophy at Oxford, Jancis worked for a short while in the travel business before becoming a wine trade journalist in 1976. Within three years she was the wine correspondent of the Sunday Times, and over the following four decades, her staggering output of journalism, books and media

WSG Live: Andrew Jefford hosts Louis Barruol

Summary: WSG Academic Advisor Andrew Jefford welcomes Gigondas appellation President and leading winegrower Louis Barruol of Chateau de Saint Cosme to the latest in our Wine Scholar Guild Live series: an hour of discussion with leading figures in today's wine world.  In addition to his groundbreaking work in Gigondas, Louis also knows the length of the Rhone very well via his 'St Cosme' micro-negociant wines -- and he has partnered with Rick Rainey and Justin Boyette to create